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Churchill STEM Club gets students interested in STEM. Anyone can come hang out, learn new skills, build projects, and work together. Topics we cover include: computer programming, robotics (through the FTC robotics competition), web design, and cybersecurity. We have member-driven projects like games, apps, and websites. We also FTC, a robotics competition where teams design, build, and code a robot, hackathons (where teams create programming projects with limited time and compete in several categories), CTFs (cybersecurity competitions), and more!

All levels are welcome — you don't need to be a pro at coding to join STEM Club!

FTC Robotics

STEM Club team competes in FTC, a major international robotics competition. The season runs during 1st semester & early 2nd. After rules and game for the year are released, we design, build, and program a robot to earn the highest score possible. Generally, the robot drives itself in the first part of the game, and two drivers control it during the second half. The robot usually has to pick up small objects like balls and cubes, then push, launch, or position those things into a goal.

Hackathons and Workshops

Teams from STEM Club compete in Hackathons, 12-24hr making and programming events. Groups of one to four high school students work together to make a game, an app, or anything else within the time limit.


Several times a year, we form into a few teams to compete in cybersecurity CTF competitions, like PicoCTF, ångstromCTF, and HSCTF. Members are able to practice & use skills like reverse engineering, binary exploitation, cryptography, and more!

Club Projects

This year, we're hoping to have a few club projects that'll help members apply their knowledge of computer science to useful, real-world projects. This includes WCHSMap, a webapp developed by STEM Club members to help students navigate their way through Churchill.

SSL (planned)

We visit local elementary schools on their STEM Nights to demonstrate our robot and projects we create. STEM nights are events where many organizations involved in STEM education bring displays and demonstrations to elementary schools. STEM Club usually brings the FTC robot and allows the kids who come to the STEM Night to drive it. Our members also usually write demo programs that show off interesting software concepts, like maze solvers or machine learning.

Promoting innovation, creative thinking, and fun in STEM fields @WCHS